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Spring / Summer Masterclasses

MAY 12th:   


(Part of The Empowered Women’s Masterclass series)

Communication is one of the essential skill sets to gaining a clear voice, expressing creativity and optimising impact in your life and work.  This Masterclass provides you with an opportunity to build greater strength and clarity and ensure that you are fully heard in business and life.

The Masterclass will focus on: building confidence, setting boundaries, developing negotiation skills to improve your ability to influence relationships and to learn powerful communication skills. This masterclass can transform how you are perceived and valued in both your professional and personal life. It is designed to have immediate impact and to be a game changer.

In this course you specifically will:


  • learn to listen to and trust your own powerful inner wisdom to make clear decisions and communicate effectively


  • discover the intelligence and specific skills available to you that can help you more powerfully influence and provide leadership in your relationships

  • get a better understanding of the power of words and language to provide support to others and create positive desired outcomes


  • understand the non-verbal dynamics of communication and how they define to your results in business and life

  • experience the impact of consciously locating your voice powerfully in your body and learn how to play with rhythm, resonance and tone for optimal expression


  • learn negotiation skills to create win-win solutions


  • increase your self-confidence through self-awareness and group practices to support you to fully express yourself


  • experiment with fun exercises to explore creativity and expand your communications toolkit


  • walk away with more confidence and a stronger clearer voice that can transform your life

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