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Empowering Women. Creating Balance in Business.

About Us

Who Are We?


Empowered Women Consulting is a women’s leadership consulting company that works to support women to fully show up in business and in life. We believe that when women feel empowered and are fully contributing to business , the benefit to the companies bottom line improves measurably.  We provide consulting to organisations and individuals to see this success realised. We create custom programs and facilitate the creation of cultures that support women's success.  


Why is Women’s Empowerment in Business so important today?


It is a known fact that companies led by women at the CEO level deliver 14% more ROI.  Women have natural talents, skills and gifts that are hard wired for successful leadership.  Many women are unaware of these skills and talents and feel un-welcomed in significant leadership roles. Businesses would be more successful and the world a more harmonious environment if women’s voices were at the forefront.  The new wave of women leaders is prioritising collaboration, relationship building and empowering other women to enjoy their work contribution, which in turn leads to better business results.  

There are four ways that we support leading-edge women.  

  • Firstly, we support women to become aware of the innate knowledge they already have ( skills and assets).

  • We also offer tools and strategies to enhance personal empowerment to achieve greater business results.

  • Thirdly, we focus on rebalancing and reclaiming power both internally and in the work environment. 

  • Finally, we empower women with advanced communication and business development skills.

How Our Services Benefit You And Your Company


- Business development & strategic planning skills, resulting in increased bottom line

- Greater job satisfaction, leading to increased retention and commitment for your company

- Increased external and internal networking on the basis of advanced relationship skills

- Empowering women leaders with awareness of their natural gifts, thereby improving gender diversity at senior levels

- Advanced communication and leadership skills with voice empowerment

- Enhance innovation through confidence and self-value building

- Increased resilience, leadership capability and optimal performance through self-knowledge

- Exploring talent development to create individual strengths to match corporate needs


- Individual performance improvement based on full utilisation of talent

- Optimised wellbeing to fortify the stability of the individual

Increased assertiveness leading better business results

- A greater ability for internal mentoring between women

- Increased project management skills, leading to greater efficiency

- Better communication and presentation skills

What We Offer


1:1 and Group Mentoring Programs - to develop personal empowerment tools, greater self-awareness and leadership skills.


Public Introductory Events / Company In-House Workshops and Programs


Consulting - support to companies, team or individuals to create business strategy and move together in a desired direction to meet agreed business objectives


Retreats and One Day Trainings - get-aways designed to regroup, renew and gain a new perspective

A Sample of Our Clients Includes...

Our clients include, but are not limited to: IBM / RTE / Bank of Ireland / Google / LinkedIn / Facebook / Ulster Bank / British Vogue / AIB / H&R Block / BBC / Comcast / Chevron / SAP  / Dell / Cisco / PWC / Barclays, among others


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